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What's the Best Way To Clean Your Sex Toys?

What's the Best Way To Clean Your Sex Toys?


Cleaning Sex Toys Properly is very important for safety and hygiene reasons. Cleaning Your toys properly can avoid harmful bacteria infections and the spread of STI’s. Material such as silicone breaks down from soap and water which is where STIs and bacteria can live in the crevices that can be passed along to your partner. Make sure when using material such as silicone you use an anti-bacterial cleaning toy cleaner to prevent infections and maintain a safe, clean experience with your sex toy. When it comes to cleaning toys with batteries, even the waterproof do not submerge in water take out batteries to clean thoroughly. I really never recommend soap and water beside leather items such as a strap on harness or some small bondage material. Bigger bondage items should be hand washed or placed in the washer if applicable. Wands and other body massaging items should use anti-bacterial cleaners as well. Make sure to clean after every use and store in a dry area for a safe fun time!

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