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Lovense Max 2


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Lovense Max 2  for Men

CREATED EXCLUSIVELY BY LOVENSE The release of Max 2 is a massive achievement for us! As a result of steady studies, remarks and updates, Max 2 now capabilities an progressed shell, 360-diploma contractions, and a redesigned vibrator. Add all of that to easier charging, longer battery life, and especially progressed sensors. This modern-day addition to the Lovense  line is assured to be an unforgettable experience!


When join your Bluetooth, you could manage Lovense Max 2 via APP; Even in two far off countries, you may nevertheless permit your partner manage your Lovense Max 2 thru the APP; In addition, the vibrator with Nora or other Max / Max 2 Synchronized reacts to each different actions to make bigger the feelings of you and your companion.

【HIGH QUALITY MASTURBATOR】 Lovense Max2 strives to enhance purchaser pleasure. High excellent clinical grade silicone is used within the product, which is gentle, comfortable, secure and environmentally pleasant. In addition, the standby time can be as much as 120 hours, and the use time can be as much as three hundred minutes! Let the pleasure revel in anytime anywhere!

【ADJUSTABLE AIR VENTILATION】 Compared to different products, our Max 2 has adjustable ventilation layout which allows you to feel specific suction force! Meet your needs every time!

► 【ONE YEAR WARRANTY】 All Lovense merchandise are one hundred% safe and feature CE certification to EU standards. The product does not contain chemicals which are harmful to the human body. Lovense are devoted to setting the safety and health of our customers first! If you've got any questions in the course of use, please experience free to contact us. Lovense is constantly there for you!


How to use the toy

If you’ve used any other automatic male masturbators in the past, it’s not much different to this, but I’ll go over the basics anyway:

  •  Make sure you’ve downloaded the app and charged the device.
  •  Turn both on and let it sync up. (or if you prefer you can simply use the controls on the side of the cylinder for speed and vibration settings)
  •  Choose to sync up to a partner if desired.
  •  Use lube on your own member as well as around the entrance to the blowjob machine to ensure a smooth, wet ride.
  •  Insert your manhood, and start to play around with the controls! There are 7 vibration and 3 contraction settings to choose from so choose what feels best for you.
  •  Clean up your mess once you’ve reached your climax. Cleaning soon after will help keep the toy in good condition.
  • we are an affiliate of Lovense and will be paid a commisson for any sales with no extra cost you you .Thank you Temptingteaserz

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