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How To Buy Your First Sex Toy

Multi speed bullet

Before buying your first sex toy you have to decide rather you want a toy for your pleasure, your partner, or both. Sex toys for women come in lots of variations and materials with a wide range of pleasure items. As a woman before you purchase a sex toy decipher are you looking for clitoral stimulation or vaginal? Sex toys for men come in quite a few variations as well decipher rather you're looking for a masturbator or anal play. Even though sex toys come in way more categories than the ones listed however these are the most popular. Adult Toys for Women who are new to adult toys typically start off with a multi-speed bullet. A bullet can be held on the clit while receiving penetration, The orgasm achieved from this combination is very explosive and is why women buy this item first. A mini bullet is very newbie-friendly and is charged by a USB port for convenience and fast charging for bedroom play. This vibrator has 10 modes to satisfy your body with a remote to let your partner have control over you.

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Never forget to get toy cleaner for your toys!

A lot of men fail to realize that a male G-spot is located in their anus, so that’s the reason a lot of males explore anal plugs in the bedroom. For a newbie I would recommend a simple anal plug to test out for your liking, however, once it's time to upgrade and trust me you will upgrade, try out a vibrating anal plug. Experience incredible rimming sensation and vibration at the press of a button! This wireless remote silicone stimulator offers two types of sizzling anal sensation- intense vibration and swirling internal beads!

 Soap and water are not sufficient, a lot of toys are silicone, and soap and water can break down the silicone which bacterial can live in the crevices. This can cause bacterial infections, UTI, and yeast infections. So make sure while getting a toy you purchase anti-bacterial toy cleaner .

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