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Am I Addicted To Sex?

The majority of us can agree on how enjoyable and pleasurable sex can be, definitely with so many ways to spice up the bedroom. The moments during sex can be so magically and exuberant to the point it starts to feel like an addiction because your body craves it more repeatedly. “Am I addicted to sex,” is what you may have asked yourself before, alone with “am I a nympho”. A Nympho Is an uncontrollable or excessive sexual urge/desire in a woman. With a sex addiction just like other addiction are hard to resist or fight off due to temptation and your own personal fantasies. One who is addicted to sex tends to want it every chance they can get it and doesn't care about where they are nor whose around. All they want is a fix, In other words, Sex! Mainly the big difference between being a sex addict and enjoying sex is the ability to control your desire, when your unable to control it then the sex starts to control you. While doing research I've noticed a lot of people who are addicted to sex engage in a lot of porn websites and some even have frequent phone sex. Addicted to sex can be very unhealthy If you don't find a solution to cope with it on a daily basis. Studies show people addicted to sex engage in a lot of adult toys, from masturbating alone and with their partner. Sex Toys are very pleasurable and become addicting themselves. A nice percentage of people addicted to sex has multiple sex partners , or cheats on their partner because they need sex all the time and can't control themselves. Believe it or not, sex addictions are quite common these days. Sex addictions are compared to being just as hard as being addicted to a drug. Those who seek help for sex addictions typically slowly try to wing themselves off by having less sex and or watching less porn. I've even seen others try counseling to help them get to the root of the problem to fix this addiction.

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